P25Link is an amateur radio project originally created to let you connect Quantar repeaters and/or DIU 3000s to multiple amateur radio networks such as P25Link, P25NX, P25-MMDVM, etc. It use the v.24 port on Quantar/DIU 3000, a Cisco router 28xx or 29xx series and a Raspberry Pi 2/3/4. It use the same router setup as for P25NX.

The main goals is to allow P25 amateur radio users to be able to connect to existing networks with full interoperability between them as one only network.

Due the Talk Groups limitation found on P25NX and because there seems to be no more development on it, P25Link was coded under Perl, to add more features. It is now possible to connect to P25NX talk groups and/or P25-MMDVM talk groups. Repeater owners can choose they want to connect using P25NX network or P25-MMDVM for every TG. At some near future, it will be advised to move to P25Link talk groups due improvements and functionality.

This project is based on the work, contributions, and information from:

  • Juan Carlos Pérez XE1F
  • Byan Fields W9CR
  • Jonathan Naylor G4KLX
  • David Kraus NX4Y
  • David Kierzkowski KD8EYF

One last thing to say, the whole project is open source, so you can contribute, modify it, etc.

This software and hardware is licenced under the GPL v3. If you are using it, please let me know, I will be glad to know it.