P25Link is an amateur radio project originally created to let you connect Quantar repeaters and/or DIU 3000s to multiple amateur radio networks such as P25Link, P25NX, P25-MMDVM, etc. It use the v.24 port on Quantar/DIU 3000, a Cisco router 28xx or 29xx series and a Raspberry Pi 2/3/4. It use the same router setup as for P25NX.

The main goals is to allow P25 amateur radio users to be able to connect to existing networks with full interoperability between them as one only network (when network admins allow it).



Motorola Quantar repeater

You will need:

  • Motorola Quantar
  • V.24 Interface Board
  • Raspberry Pi 2/3/4
  • Cisco Router 2800/2900 series
  • Cisco DCE Cable
  • Adapter Cable
  • Internet connection

If you have some other kind/brand of P25 Phase 1 repeater, contact us and we'll see if it's possible to connect it to the P25.Link network.



There are many P25 Phase 1 radios on the market and for almost avery budget. The must comon are from Motorola, but you can allso find Harris, Tait, etc. There are many portable and mobile radios available, and price range from about $150.00 USD and up to well over $10,000.00 ! here are some models you can find.

Motorola portable

  • Astro Saber III
  • XTS 1500
  • XTS 2500
  • XTS 3500
  • XTS 5000
  • APX 1000
  • APX 3000
  • APX 4000
  • APX 6000
  • APX 7000
  • APX 8000

Motorola mobile

  • Astro Spectra (locomotive)
  • Astro Spectra (motorcicle)
  • Astro Spectra Plus
  • Spectra
  • XTL 1500
  • XTL 2500
  • XTL 5000
  • APX 5500
  • APX 6500
  • APX 7500
  • APX 8500






Terms of Use

A few things to know...

The whole project is intended for Amateur Radio use only. You agree not to use the P25Link system or any components in any public safety application. This does not preclude normallly accepted amateur radio support for emergency operations.

P25Link and it's operators shall in no event be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or special consequential damages to property or life whatsoever arising out of, or connected with, the use of the P25Link system.

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